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Charms Information

FCPS is implementing a financial and information management system called Charms for all of the district’s band programs. We will be using Charms to maintain contact information about band students, and as a communication tool for parents and students. Charms allows you to pay band fees online and update your contact information. Charms can be accessed here: Charms.

We all know that new software can be challenging. Here are a few tips on using Charms.


Logging In
• Go to Charms. Click ENTER/LOGIN at the top right corner of the screen. Our school code is “fcpsmarshallhsband.” You can also click the “Need School Code” link to look it up if you forget. You will need this each time you log in.
• Enter your child’s FCPS ID Number. If you have more than one child you will need to do this separately for each.


Once you are in, here are some things you can do:


Update Your Contact Information
• Click the “Student Info” icon on the top left of the screen. Select the “Personal Information” tab just below.
• Review your child’s information. Correct if necessary. You can change your student’s name to a nickname (for instance, “John” to “Jack”) if appropriate.
• Review adult information and correct if necessary. If there is no adult information, please click “Add New Adult.”
• You can link siblings from the Home Page. Click “Multiple Students.”
• NOTE: This database will be the single source of contact information for Mr. Vesilind and for the Band Parent Organization. Please ensure that all contact information is correct.


Pay Band Fees
• From the Home Page (icon on top left), click “Finances” from the assortment of icons.
• Identify which payment you would like to make (slide the “Paid by” button next to each item).
• Click “Pay Fixed Payments.”
• You will be taken to the “SchoolPay” site. Follow the directions for online payment.
• NOTE: Your payment will not immediately appear on the Charms site. You will receive a receipt for your payment from SchoolPay via email. That receipt is your proof of payment.
• NOTE: At this point, the Marshall Band still allows payments by check. If you elect to make payments by check, please follow the instructions provided with the request for payment. Your check payments, once received and posted by the school, will also appear in the Charms Finances tab.


At the moment, we are only using Charms for student/parent communications and finances. Please refer to this band website, handouts, and emailed communications for forms, the calendar, and volunteering information.


If you have specific questions about using Charms, please email Jim Piche: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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